Why Colorado Springs Homeowners Choose to Work With Empower Realty Team

Updated: Apr 16

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Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of real estate investing, you can benefit yourself and your investment goals by working with a professional Colorado Springs property management and real estate team. Whether you’re buying, selling, investing in, or renting out a property – you know you need help, no matter how many times you’ve done this before.

When you’re looking for an experienced, reliable real estate partner who will take care of the hassles and frustrations associated with your property, you have a lot of options.

Be selective.

This is a huge investment and a valuable asset, you don’t want to leave it in the hands of just anyone. You want to earn a good return on your investment and have a pleasant experience, whether it’s as a buyer or a landlord or a seller or something in between.

There are hundreds of good reasons to work with Empower Realty Team. The most important reason, however, is probably this:

We’re committed to helping Colorado Springs homeowners get a better return than they could get on their own.

Even factoring in management fees, we are able to help you earn more. We do this by helping you avoid costly mistakes. If you’re renting out a property, we reduce turnover and vacancy while increasing rental values. We help you save money on maintenance and materials.

In the end, our team of real estate specialists ensures the best results with your property.

Here are just a few of the things that set us apart when it comes to providing exceptional real estate and property management services. This is why you should work with us.

Bad Experiences with Colorado Springs Property Management

A lot of the owners we work with are coming from terrible experiences with other property managers.

We hate to hear this because it doesn’t help our industry or our collective mission.

However, we’re always welcoming and eager to show you just how good property management in Colorado Springs can be. You should join our team if you’ve had an unhappy result with another property manager. Don’t give up on the industry and try to manage your own home. We can do it better, and we can deliver an improved investment experience for you.

Perhaps you’ve dealt with poor communication, higher than expected maintenance costs, terrible tenants, or excessive property damage. Maybe you’ve dealt with long and expensive vacancies or tenants who didn’t follow the terms of their lease agreements.

We have systems in place to prevent all that.

You can count on reliable, professional management that’s based on effective and efficient systems. We invest heavily in technology, allowing us to deliver the best leasing, management, and maintenance work that we can. We’re consistent and reliable.

You won’t have another bad experience. You’ll be surprised that owning rental property can be so easy. Talk to us if you’re dealing with an unfortunate management company experience. We can help you transition to our company and discuss your expectations and investment goals.

Asset Management in Addition to Property Management

Another great reason to work with Empower Realty Team is that we provide comprehensive, full-service property and asset management.

A lot of property managers can find you a tenant, collect rent, and send a plumber out to the property to deal with a leak. All of the things you expect from general property management can be done by a lot of companies in Colorado Springs.

We’re a little different because we do more than manage your property. We manage your assets. Your entire portfolio, whether it’s one rental home or a hundred, is treated like the valuable asset that it is. We make sure you understand how your property is performing and what we can do to help it perform even better.

Our approach is holistic. We want to know your investment goals and understand your reasons for owning rental property. That’s going to help us drive the decisions that are made about tenants, renovations, rental amounts, and lease agreements. If we know you’re actively looking to grow your portfolio, we can make recommendations and identify opportunities.

We know the local Colorado Springs real estate market very well. This helps us when you’re buying an investment property, selling one, or working through something like a 1031 exchange. We understand how to accurately and competitively price your rental property and we know what to look for when we’re placing tenants to ensure you aren’t faced with extra costs and headaches.

Managing your assets is just as important as managing your physical property. Leverage our resources and knowledge to have a better and more profitable investment experience.

Unique Tenant Relationships Benefit You and Your Property

At Empower Realty Team, we understand that real estate and property management is all about relationships.

We work hard to develop and maintain positive, respectful, and mutually beneficial relationships with all the owners and investors who choose to work with us. We also continually look to grow our network of reliable vendors and community partners who can help our clients with things like insurance, accounting, mortgages, and legal advice.

Tenants also require our full attention and commitment.

We’re dedicated to establishing good tenant relationships because it leads to a more profitable investment experience for you. Good tenant relationships result in on-time rental payments, lease renewals, and extra property care.

There’s also a unique program that we run called Turning a Tenant Into a Buyer. We believe all good tenants have the potential to own a home someday, and we want to help them. We look to attract tenants who can become buyers in three years. That allows us to actively place high quality tenants in your home. These are renters with reliable financials, a good rental history, and stable employment and income.

We also have a tenant guarantee in place, which our owners appreciate. If we place a tenant who does not stay in the property for the full 12-month lease period, we won’t charge you another leasing fee to find a replacement tenant. We are confident making this guarantee because we trust our screening process and our tenant relationships.

Evictions are rare when you work with us. They are so rare that we don’t charge you for them. In the unlikely event that we’ll have to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent or a lease violation, you’ll have to pay the filing fee with the county, but nothing else. We take care of any additional expenses and costs.

Rental Property Accounting is Transparent, Detailed, and Accurate

Professional accounting services should be part of your property management agreement, and we make sure you always understand where you stand financially.

We can help you keep track of all the income and expenses associated with your property by providing an online portal, where you can see monthly statements and detailed reports. You’ll always know how your property is performing. There’s no guessing and no assuming. There’s no confusion, either. Our statements and reports are clear and easy to read, and if you’re looking for specific financial information, we can run reports that will give you what you need. At tax time, you’ll have all the documents you need to file an accurate return.

In addition to providing you with financial oversight, we also help with financial management. If a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time, we can begin a collection process that ensures the money comes in as soon as possible. We know how to collect, hold, and return the security deposit according to Colorado law. We can ensure you are financially compliant at all times, and we can take care of making sure you don’t lose money on costly errors and tenant disputes.

Working with Military Members and their Families

Working with Empower Realty Team is an especially good idea for members of the military. We’re a military family ourselves, and we understand the unique challenges that come with station changes and PCS orders. We are ready to work with military members whether they’re active duty or retired. We can help rent out your home when you move away because of a station change and we also work with military tenants who are looking for a place to live when they relocate to Colorado Springs.

Peace of mind is a huge reason that owners and investors work with us at Empower Realty Team. We don’t want you to be bothered with the day-to-day management of your property or the frustrations that can come with navigating the Colorado Springs real estate market. Our experience, our relationships, and our systems can easily smooth the way and create a path forward, even if it means solving problems creatively and immediately.

These are only a few of the great reasons to work with our team. We love putting together customized plans that will meet your unique needs. Please contact us at Empower Realty Team. We lease, manage, and maintain investment properties in Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Parker, and Aurora.

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