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Empower Realty Wants Colorado Springs Agent Referrals

Let’s Empower Each Other

We want to forge positive and productive relationships with our fellow real estate agents in Colorado Springs.


That’s why we have a Realtor Referral Program where you introduce us to a client who’s just bought an investment property through you. The Empower Team will take care of the rental home for as long as our client wants to keep it in their portfolio We specialize exclusively in property management. We’ll deal with the day-to-day issues of marketing vacancies, dealing with tenants, and making repairs. When the client decides to sell, we’ll refer them back to you, with a well-maintained property with increased market value. Contact us today so we can work together.

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Refer a Client Today

Sell the property in the future.

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The Benefits of joining our Realtor Referral Program and Referring a Property to Empower Realty:

1. You get more time to focus on doing what you love

We love managing property, but we understand that not everyone does. So, let us take care of this home while you get to buying and selling more properties.


2. You know the client is in good hands.

Relationships are at the heart of real estate. That’s why you need someone to care for your clients and see to their property management needs.


3. You can trust us to manage the investment.


 We believe it’s our vocation to care for investment homes. That’s why we make sure that they are in great condition, now and in the future.


4. You’re confident in selling the property.


When the owner is ready to sell their property, we’ll hand them back to you. We guarantee to never take a client away from you.


Need help managing your rental property?